The Hydraulic-Sediments-Environment Group (HySE) was founded by professor Maurizio Righetti in 2016.
The team’s research field involves hydraulics topics and includes experimental and numerical knowledge.

Hydro Power Plants (HPP) and Water Supply Systems (WSS) were the initial main research topics.
In January 2017 professor Michele Larcher joined the group sharing his great expertise on complex fluids and granular flows.
Furhermore, with the arrival of Massimiliano Renzi, also the turbomachinery reasearch field is now present.

Among the facilities of the group, it is important to mention the LaboraTory of Fluid Dynamics (LTFD).
The LTFD is going to become one of the most important university laboratories of fluid mechanincs in the North of Italy inside the innovative NOI Tech Park in South Bolzano.